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New Horizon's Terms and Conditions

Complaints Procedure

At New Horizon Mediation Services Ltd we operate the following complaints procedure:

  1. All complaints will, in the first instance, be dealt with by Amanda Trappes-Lomax, Accredited Mediator and sole Director of New Horizon Mediation Services Limited. The complaints procedure allows a client, a former client or a qualifying third party to make a complaint that relates to breaches of the FMC code of practice or standards framework that occurred within the last three months.
  2. Complaints that relate to the way a mediation was conducted must be made within three months. For the avoidance of doubt, the three months runs from the date of the last mediation session.  Complaints that appear to be vexatious or of a purely personal nature do not have to be investigated.
  3. The complaint must be made in writing. The timescale for addressing complaints will start on the date the written complaint is received. The complaint will be acknowledged no more than 10 working days after receipt. 
  4. Amanda will respond to the complaint, having taken guidance from her Professional Practice Consultant, no later than 30 working days of receipt. On occasions, further time may be required in which case the complainant will be notified in writing.
  5. Everyone in attendance at the mediation will be notified that a complaint has been received and the commencement of the complaint’s procedure.
  6. All parties may elect that mediation of the complaint takes place where both the complainant and mediator elect in writing their wish for the complaint to be dealt with in this way.
  7. If the response is not accepted by the complainant, the complainant can ask the FMSB to consider the complaint if certain criteria are met. Please see the link to the FMSB in the final paragraph of this complaints procedure. 


The complaints framework for family mediators registered with the Family Mediation Council (FMC) changes on 1 March 2022.  From this date, complaints that would previously have been considered by my FMC Membership Organisation will now be considered by the Family Mediation Standards Board in accordance with its new complaint process.  Details can be found here:



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